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  Free Wall Street Books (.pdfs)

Masters of Capital Moody 1921
Wall Street Accounting Todman 1921
The New York Stock Exchange 1919
The Work of Wall Street Pratt 1921
Machinery of Wall Street Selden 1919
War Plotters of Wall Street Collman 1915
Wall Street & The Wilds Dimock 1915
History of Lower Wall Street Wakeman 1914
The Real Wall Street Black 1908
Art of Wall Street Investing Moody 1906
XYZ of Wall Street Howard 1902
28 Years in Wall Street Clews 1888
Wall Street in History Lamb 1883
Sayings of Uncle Rufus satire 1881
Bulls & Bears of New York M Smith 1874
10 Years in Wall Street Fowler 1870
Mysteries of Wall Street Medbery 1870

Stock Exchange Business Huebner 1918
The Stock Exchange Hirst 1911
Cordingley's Stock Exchange Guide 1901
Cordingley's Dictionary of Stock Terms 1901
Stock Exchange Chronicles Francis 1849

  Free Capitalists & Financiers Books

Who's Who in Finance & Banking 1922
Adventures With the Idle Rich Leacock 1914
The Titan Dreiser 1914
Great American Fortunes Myers 1910
Causes of Great Fortunes Youngman 1909
Jay Cooke Oberholtzer 1907
Richard Elliot, Financier Stratton 1906
Memoirs of Henry Villard 1904
Men of Note in Finance Bassett 1900
Life of Jay Gould Halstead 1892
Life of James Fisk, Jr. Stafford 1872
Life of George Peabody Hanaford 1870
French Financiers of Louis XV Murray 1858
Wealthy Citizens of NYC Beach 1855
Rich Men of Massachusetts Forbes 1851
Life of Sir Thomas Gresham MacFarlane 1845
Life of John Law Wood 1824

  Free Industrial Trusts Books

Prevention of Monopolies Brown 1915
World Corporation Gillette 1910

  Free Banks & Banking Books

Century of Banking in New York Lanier 1922
Banking Progress Laughlin 1920
History of Banks of Issue Conant 1915
Practical Banking Harris 1915

ABC of the Federal Reserve Kemmerer 1920
The Federal Reserve Act Owen 1919
The Federal Reserve Willis 1915

Case Against the Fed Rothbard 1994 online only

  Free Money Books

History of US Currency Hepburn 1915

Foreign Exchange Owen 1919

  Free Books on Brokers

You and Your Broker Smiley 1920
On Short Sales Norton 1907
Stockbroker's Accounts Callaway 1902
Buying & Selling Norton 1896

  Free Stock Speculation Books

Tidal Swings of the Market Browne 1918
Cycles of Speculation Gibson 1917
Exchanges & Speculation Atwood 1917
Investment & Speculation Guenther 1916
My Adventures With Your Money Rice 1913
Studies in Tape Reading Wyckoff 1910
The Investor's Catechism Reynolds 1909
The Pitfalls of Speculation Gibson 1908
Frenzied Finance Lawson 1905
The Golden Flood Lefevre 1905
Gold Bricks of Speculation Hill 1904
ABCs of Options & Arbitrage Nelson 1904
How to Invest Thorpe 1901
Art of Investing Hume 1888
How to Avoid Losses M Smith 1887
Rationale of Market Fluctuations Ellis 1876
Bubbles of Finance Meason 1865

London Stock Exchange L Smith 1905

Government Bonds 1903

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  Debit Cards & Credit Cards

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TIME Magazine, March 27, 1950, p. 92:

    ...Good as Gold. American Express was founded the year after the California Gold Rush, when several companies, including the famed express companies of Wells and Fargo, merged into the American Express Co. to ship gold, silver and paper currency through the Wild West. But it was not until 1891 that American Express went abroad-- the result of a trip to Europe by President James C. Fargo. He became infuriated at the red tape which entangled him when he wanted to draw on his line of credit. To cut the tape, he designed the now familiar American Express travelers' cheques. They now comprise the bulk of the company's billion-dollar business, and have become standard exchange in every corner of the world.

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