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White Pine House Plan v3-4 1918
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Successful Houses 1912
Homes of Individuality 1912
Wildwood Homes 1912
Practical Bungalows 1912
Book of 100 Houses 1902
Modern Dwelling Plans 1901
Beautiful Houses 1895
Dwelling Houses 1880
House Plans for Everybody 1878
Woodward's Nat'l Architect 1869
Homes for the People 1855
House Property Handbook 1880

City & Country Homes 1893
Town or Country Houses 1907

American Cottage Builder 1854
Cottage Building 1854
Country Cottages 1906
The Country Cottage 1906
Village & Farm Cottages 1856
The Suburban Cottage 1891
Cottage Houses 1883
Cottage Residences 1856
Low Cost Cottages 1856
Summer Homes 1899
Retreats 1835

Mod. Cost Country Homes 1907
The Country House 1843
American Country Houses 1915
Our Country Home 1907
Sketches for Country Houses 1800
Country Residences 1852
100 Country Houses 1909
The Country House 1906
The Country House 1905
Arch. of Country Houses 1859
Country House Style 1912

Homestead Architecture 1870
Farm Homes 1890
Rural Architecture 1852
Rural Homes 1853

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Practical Book of Architecture 1916
Practical Architecture 1839
Domestic Arch. History 1841
Suburban Architecture 1895

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Stately Homes in America 1903
Homes of New England 1914
Brick Houses of New Eng. 1917
Highland Cottages Near Boston 1845
New Hampshire Homes 1894
Rhode Island Houses 1895
Early Connecticut Houses 1900
Houses of Charleston 1917
Homes of California 1915
Old Houses in Salem 1916
Homes of America 1879

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American Colonial Arch. 1922
Famous Colonial Houses 1921
The Colonial House 1916
Colonial Manors of Virginia 1909
Small Houses of 1750-1820 1919

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The English House 1908
English Cottages 1905
The Englishman's House 1898
English Domestic Arch. 1859
Planning English Houses 1865
Model Village of England 1911
Crosby Place, London 1834
Stowe House & Gardens 1780
Cottage Building in Cob 1919
Cottages & Houses in Surrey 1908
Old Cottages in Surrey 1889
Half-Timber Bldgs in Shropshire 1904
Old Cottages in Cotswold 1905
Old English Country Cottages 1907
Old English Mansions 1915
Evolution of the English House 1898
The Anglo-Saxon House 1893

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15-16th C. French Houses 1914
Small French Buildings 1921
Old Houses in Holland 1913
Dutch Colonial House 1913
Italian Villas & Gardens 1904
Florence & Tuscany Villas 1922
Augustan Roman Villas 1833
Japanese Houses 1886

Mountain Houses 1908
The Swiss Chalet Book 1913

Log Cabins & Cottages 1908
The Hollow Tile House 1913
Cement Houses 1909

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The Old House 1912
Old Homes Made New 1878
The Old House Altered 1878

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Building a Home 1908
How to Build a Home 1897
How to Build a House 1876
Modern House Builder 1857
The Practical Builder 1789
Carpentry, Architecture & Bldg 1916
Carpentry & Building 1896
Carpentry & Building 1905
American House Carpenter 1895
Carpentry & Contracting 1919
Constructive Carpentry 1912
Building Construction 1896
House Framing 1909
The English Staircase 1911
Stair-Builders Guide 1860
Roof Framing Made Easy 1903
Simple Roof Trusses 1902
Const. of Bridges & Roofs 1883
Art Principles in Building 1921

Excavation 1919
Treatise on Concrete 1909
Concrete on Farm & in Shop 1916
Cement & Concrete Handbook 1911
House Drainage 1903

Steel Building Construction 1913
Constructional Steelwork 1905

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TIME Magazine, March 25, 1946, p. 81:

HOUSING: Fuller's Fancy
    It didn't look much like a house. It looked more like a big inverted top. When Wichita's Fuller Houses, Inc. unwrapped its new circular house this week, house-hungry U.S. citizens got an eyeful.

    Those who remembered Designer Buckminster Fuller's "Dymaxion* Dwelling Machine" of 19 years ago could see the basic similarities in his latest product. A 36-foot round aluminum shell was suspended on a central stainless steel mast, firmly anchored and capped by a rudderlike ventilator, which turns with the wind. Inside, the house was unexpectedly spacious: two bedrooms, two baths, a large living room with fireplace, kitchen and some built-in furniture. A heating and air-conditioning unit, operated by either gas or electricity, was neatly stowed away in the innards, along with most of the plumbing. (Bucky Fuller had temporarily abandoned the idea of heating with sewage.)

    Unlike other prefabricated houses, the Fuller unit can be made with mass production materials and techniques, notably those of the aircraft industry. Beech Aircraft Corp., the only licensee so far, is now tooling up for production. It expects to be making 200 houses a day by next January. Bucky Fuller, whose company is only a sales organization, plans to license other planemakers, hopes eventually to roll houses off production lines at the rate of 185,000 a year. Washington housing officials have said that the house, turned out in idle plants, is probably the best answer yet to the housing shortage. In fact, in its April "housing" issue, FORTUNE gave it more than an even chance of revolutionizing the industry.

    One of the prime attractions of the Fuller house is its low price: not over $6,500 delivered. It is so light-- only about three tons compared with anywhere from 45 to 100 tons for an orthodox house, that it can be shipped from Wichita to any point in the U.S. for less than $100. Its biggest drawback is the drawback of all such houses: building codes automatically bar them in most cities. Bucky Fuller's house has one more drawback. It stands out like a fat thumb among conventional houses.

*A hybrid of favorite Fuller words "dynamic" and "maximize," now abandoned as too forbidding.

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