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  Greeting Cards, Seasonal Products customers can personalize greetings, invitations and announcements, adding their own photos and messages to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes for every occasion. They have no minimum order size, and can mail cards directly to the buyers' recipients. You can have one quality, custom greeting card with your own photo and text mailed directly to the recipient for less than four dollars.


Ace Tickets sells event tickets for all concerts, sports and theatre events nationwide.

  Flower Delivery

On August 18, 1910, fifteen American retail florists agreed to exchange orders for out-of-town deliveries. Originally called Florists' Telegraph Delivery, FTD was the world's first flowers-by-wire service. Fifty-five years later, FTD expanded to include international transactions. The company was renamed Florists Transworld Delivery to reflect its growing worldwide presence. In 1914, FTD adopted the classic figure of Mercury as its official logo.
FTD is the largest floral company in the world. The leader in quality, artistry and dependability, FTD connects approximately 20,000 North American retail florists and supports an international floral delivery network of 50,000 affiliated FTD Florists in 154 countries.

  Gift Baskets delivers gift baskets for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals, corporate gifts, thank you's, weddings, parties, sympathy, any occasion!

  Gift Certificates

SuperCertificates from allow your family and friends to choose what they really want, from hundreds of merchants. SuperCertificates can be purchased for any dollar amount, and never expire. They also sell merchant-specific gift certificates, great if you want some control over how the money is spent.

  Direct From the Manufacturer

The Official Sony Store sells Sony electronics from Sony TVs, home theater and video products to portable audio & home audio products (and accessories) direct from the manufacturer. Their inventory includes Sony digital imaging products, like Cyber-shot & Mavica digital cameras and Micro MV, Mini DV, Digital-8, & Hi-8 Sony camcorders plus Video Walkmans, digital photo printers and accessories. They also sell Sony VAIO notebook and desktop computers, monitors, CD/DVD burners, accessories, and Sony Clie handheld computers.

  Department Stores and their associated merchants, in addition to books, carry all kinds of home and personal electronics, DVDs & CDs, tools & hardware, sporting goods, practically everything. You can use the Amazon search form to search any of their fine departments.

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Wal-Mart has the low prices and wide selection you would expect at any Wal-Mart store. And if any item you order from them does not meet your expectations, you have your choice of returning them to any Walmart store, or by mail (some items such as computer hardware and components, heavy or large items that are identified as oversize on their item description pages and perishable products, such as flowers and food, cannot be returned to a store).

  Gift Shops

In business since 1951, Taylor Gifts is a mail order catalog company with a wide variety of novelties, gadgets, as-seen-on-tv items & more for the home and for personal organization. Standard shipping is via parcel post, so they can ship to P.O. boxes; they also can ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx.

  Travel Gifts

eBags, the world's largest online retailer of bags and accessories, sells a wide selection of luggage, backpacks, handbags, briefcases, computer cases and accessories, from brands like Samsonite, JanSport, The North Face and Eagle Creek, at extremely competitive prices.

  Special & Specialized Gifts

A.T. Cross is the world's leading provider of quality writing instruments, including fountain pens, ball-point pens, and "Selectip" interchangable tip pens. They also sell fine pencils, pen and pencil sets, watches, leather accessories, and more.

A living gift, starting at under $30. Treegivers trees are planted on public lands, in whichever of the 50 states you choose, and the recipient receives a certificate of planting.

Animal Den doesn't sell pet supplies. Instead they sell clothing and other gifts for pet and animal lovers, with animal themes.

HansonEllis carries fine bridal gifts, wedding favors, engravable keepsakes, crystals, candles, & soaps.

Shop Irish is the premier store on the web for Irish themed jewelry, apparel, and unique gifts including Claddagh rings, Celtic crosses, shamrock sweaters, and many more exciting Irish themed items.

TIME Magazine, February 13, 1950, p. 78:

    ...In the greeting-card business the company that understands and cares the most is Kansas City's Hall Brothers, Inc., world's largest greeting-card makers. It has a love that's deep and true for ready-made bow-legged tetrameter and a business built on sentiment (last year's estimated gross: $15 to $18 million). Last week in the midst of its biggest sales season next to Christmas, Hall Brothers was, as usual, turning out more than 1,000,000 of its "Hallmark" greeting cards every day. There were no fewer than 500 different designs for St. Valentine's Day* ranging from 5˘ greetings to $5 concoctions dripping with lace and scented sachets.

    Behind all the hearts & flowers is Joyce C. Hall, 58, a lean and solemn man who started out, at 18, to become a greeting-card shark by selling postcard greetings in Kansas City. Rollie B. Hall, a brother, joined him there, but they soon realized that postcard greetings were losing favor. Said Joyce Hall: "We found we were developing a dying business." They switched to cards enclosed in envelopes, were soon so successful that they took in another brother, William F. Hall.

    The Hall brothers claim to have fostered quite a few innovations. They were first with the "humorous" greeting ("You have the strength of a TIGER... lily!"). They developed the unfolding card that tells a continued story, and leveled out the seasonal peaks & valleys of the business by pushing the "everyday" card for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, sympathy and the sick. Today, customers have a choice of six different Hallmark cards for the tonsillectomy patient alone; once there was even one for the friend who has been run down by a car. Other tricks of the trade: white kittens on cards will always outsell brown ones; geraniums are never good, but pansies are surefire sellouts.

    In addition to a staff of 150 artists, the company uses the works of such diverse painters as Vincent van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali, Grandma Moses (one of the best sellers), and the winners of a $28,000 international contest (TIME, March 21). For the changeable public, Hallmark keeps plenty of new cards up its sleeve. One thing that doesn't worry Joyce Hall is a recession. In bad times, says he, people send greeting cards instead of presents.

* Believed to commemorate the death of two Roman priests in 269 A.D., each called Valentinus, and both executed on the same day. One of them is supposed to have been executed for marrying lovers who came to him, despite a decree by Emperor Claudius II forbidding marriage (single men made better soldiers).

  Free Toy & Model Books (.pdfs)

Home-Made Toys 1915
How to Make Kites Varney 1897
Model Aeroplanes Cavanagh 1916
Model Locomotive Design 1904
Building Model Yachts Biddle 1883
The Doll Book Starr 1908

    more toy & model books

  Free Business Books

Autobiography Andrew Carnegie 1920
More Power To You Barton 1917
Business: A Profession Brandeis 1914

    more business books

  Free Magazine Volumes

Nature vol 16 May-Oct 1877
Popular Science vol 61 May-Oct 1902
National Geographic vol 12 1901
Harper's Monthly v3 Jun-Nov 1851

    more magazine volumes

  Free Reference Books

Webster's New Std Dictionary 1920
Human Anatomy Henry Gray 1918
Scientific American Reference 1914
Sci Am Cyclopedia of Formulas 1910
Birds of America vol 1 Audubon 1840

    more reference books

  Free Radio & Phonograph Books

WWJ - Detriot News Detroit News 1922
Radio Design & Construct. Dow 1922
Signal Corps Gear USA-SC 1911
Talking Machines & Records 1904

    more radio & phonograph books

  Free Telephone-Telegraph Books

Telephone Exchanges Kingsbury 1915
Telephone Construction Mayer 1908
'Phone Gear Cat. Western Electric 1908
The Atlantic Cable Bright 1903
The Multiple Telegraph A G Bell 1876

    more telephone & telegraph books

  Free Health & Nutrition Books

Body Mechanics & Health 1922
Food & Nutrition Chemistry 1918
Art of Living Long Cornaro 1913

    more nutrition books

  Free Cosmetics & Perfume Books

Art of Soap-Making Watt 1896
Hand-Book of Toilet Begy 1889
Perfumery Recipes Morfit 1853

    more cosmetics & perfume books

  Free Collectibles Books

Quest of the Colonial Shackleton 1921
Collecting as a Pasttime Rowed 1920
Old English China Blacker 1908

    more collectibles books

  Free Books on Books & Printing

Mending & Repair of Books 1921
Memoirs of a Publisher Putnam 1915
The Book, Its History 1908
Bookbinding for Bibliophiles 1905
The Invention of Printing 1878
The Art of Printing 1851

    more books on books & printing

  Free Office & Secretarial Books

Office Practice-Business Style 1922
The Expert Typist 1922
Typewriter History 1918
The Gregg Writer 1912
Dollars & Sense P T Barnum 1890

    more office books

  Free Gardening Books

The Apple Tree Bailey 1922
How Plants are Trained Burbank 1921
Std Cyclo. of Horticulture Bailey 1916
Greenhouse Construction 1917
Strawberry Growing 1917
California Orange Culture 1912
Rose History & Cultivation 1908
Fruit-Trees of America 1900

    more gardening books


  Free Wine-Beer-Liquor Books

History of Modern Wines 1851
Wine-Drinker's Manual 1830
French Wines & Vineyards 1860
Home Made Wine Recipes 1909
Brewing & Storing Beer 1835
Inebriating Liquors Mfg & Use 1838
How to Mix Drinks 1862

    more wine, beer & liquor books

  Free Game & Rule Books

Hoyle Encyclopedia of Games 1909
The Compleat Gamester 1754
History of Playing Cards 1848
The Game of Draw Poker 1889
Checker Classics 1922

    more game & rule books

Chess Handbook Staunton 1921
Chess Openings Marshall 1904
The Art of Chess Mason 1905
Major Tactics of Chess Young 1898

    89 more chess books

  Free Fashion Books

Costume Design & Illustration 1918
Dress in America 1800-1870 1910
Women of All Nations 1908
Automobile Garments Saks 1905
Dressmaking: A Manual 1917
Sewing Machine Mech. Singer 1914
The Art of Knitting 1861
Silk 1922
The Story of Leather 1915

    more fashion & clothing books

  Free Cookbooks

Book of Cookery Fannie Farmer 1915
The French Cook 1902
The Italian Cook Book 1919
The Chinese Cook Book 1917
101 Mexican Dishes 1906

    more cookbooks

  Free Chocolate & Sugar Books

Food of the Gods: Cocoa 1903
Natural History of Chocolate 1730
Sugar: A Popular Treatise 1921
Candy Making in the Home 1914
Royal English Confectioner 1862
The Italian Confectioner 1829

    more chocolate, sugar, etc. books

  Free Coffee & Tea Books

All About Coffee 1922
Coffee History, Cultivation... 1872
The Tea Cyclopaedia 1882
Tea Blending, a Fine Art 1896
Yerba Mate 1916

    more coffee & tea books

  Free Sports Books

Scientific Baseball McGraw 1913
American Football... A Stagg 1894
Football Player... F Yost 1905
Basketball 1922
Ladies Tennis DKD L-Chambers 1910
The Art of Golf 1892
Annals of Cricket 1896
How to Make Velocipedes.. 1869

    more sports books

  Free Outdoor Books

Hunting the Grisly T Roosevelt 1900
Booke of Hunting 1576
US Water Game Birds 1866
Rifles & Rifle Shooting 1912
Trail Craft 1922
Field & Forest Handy Book 1906
Camp Cookery 1910

    more outdoor books

  Free Fishing & Boating Books

Compleat Angler Izaak Walton 1824
Fishing with the Fly Orvis 1883
Days of Fly Fishing Humphry Davy 1851
How to Tie Flies for Trout 1899
Fishing Kits & Equipment 1913
Manual of Yacht & Boat Sailing 1900
Motorboat & Hydroplane Const. 1917

    more fishing & boating books

  Free Kitchen, Dining, Home Books

Art of Tablesetting 1921
Handbook of Dining 1865
History of Food & Preparation 1853
Putnam's Household Handbook 1916

    more kitchen, dining, etc. books

  Free Furniture Books

Period Styles in Furniture 1913
Home Furnishing 1913
Italian Renaissance Furniture 1916
Interior Decoration 1922

  Free Watch & Jewelry Books

Watch/Clock Maker's Handbook 1896
Time Telling history 1919
The Diamond 1911
The Gem-Cutter's Craft 1906
Pearls & Pearling 1913
The World's Gold 1908

    more watch & jewelry books

  Free Automobile Books

Model T Ford V Pagé 1916
Putnam's Auto Handbook 1918
Story of the Automobile 1917

    more automobile books

  Free Auto Repair Books

(Model T) Ford Repairing Pile 1920
Audel's Gas Engine Manual 1908
Carburation 1913
Goodrich Tire History 1918

    more auto repair books

  Free Music Books

Cowboy Songs 1916
Moore's Irish Melodies 1859
Folk Songs of Many Peoples 1921

    more music books

    more furniture & decorating books

  Free House & Construction Books

White Pine House Plan v3-4 1918
Ideal Home Plans 1916
Mountain Houses 1908
Practical Book of Architecture 1916
Old Homes Made New 1878
Cement & Concrete Handbook 1911

    more house & construction books

  Free Musical Instrument Books

History of Pianoforte 1899
Pianos & Their Makers 1913
Great Pianists on Playing 1917
History of the Violin 1905
Art of Violin Playing 1899
Saxophone Playing 1917

    more musical instrument books

  Free Art Books

Leonardo Da Vinci 1908
Thomas Nast Paine 1904
Cartoons by McCutcheon 1903
Caricature & Comic Art 1877
Practice of Oil Painting 1910
Watercolor Painting 1898

    more art books

  Free Online Photography Books

Photography in America 1922
Panama Canal Autochromes 1913
California the Beautiful 1911
The Watkins Manual 1919
Agfa Photo Formulae 1910
Dry Plate Making 1886
Airplane Photography 1920

    more photography books

  Free Hardware, Tools, Etc. Books

The Carpenter's Cyclopedia 1913
Wood Turner's Handbook lathe 1901
Species of Wood 1908
Wood Finishing 1908
House Painting... 1918
Modern Blacksmithing 1904
Metal-Worker's Assistant 1864
Modern Methods of Welding 1922

    more hardware & tools books

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