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The Motor Boat 1911
Boating 1891
Electric Boats & Navigation 1894
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Nautical Terms 1914
New England River Boating Trips 1884

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Motor Boat Construction... 1910
How to Build a Motor Launch 1901
Motorboat & Hydroplane Const. 1917

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Boat Sailing Fair Weather & Foul 1905
Manual of Yacht & Boat Sailing 1900
The Boat Sailer's Manual 1896
Practical Boat-Sailing 1879
Sailor's Sea Book 1879
Young Sailor's Assistant 1863
Art of Sail Making 1843

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Compleat Angler Izaak Walton 1824
Compleat Angler Izaak Walton 1875
Compleat Angler Izaak Walton 1904

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How to Fish the Dry Fly 1921
Complete Science of Fly Fishing 1915
Dry Fly & Fast Water 1914
Fishing with Floating Flies 1913
Practical Dry-Fly Fishing 1912
Book of the Dry Fly 1910
Science of Dry Fly Fishing 1907
Wet-Fly Fishing Methodically 1903
Fly Fishing 1901
The Practical Fly-Fisher 1899
With Fly Rod & Camera 1890
Dry-Fly Fishing 1889
Fly-Fishing & Fly-Making 1887
Fishing with the Fly Orvis 1883
Fly-Fisher's Entomology 1883
Days of Fly Fishing Humphry Davy 1851
Salt & Fresh Water Fly-Fishing 1851
The Vade-Mecum of Fly-Fishing 1851
Illustrated Fly-Fisher's Book 1845
Fly-Fisher's Companion 1837
Fly-Fisher's Oracle 1836

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How to Tie Flies for Trout 1899
Dictionary of Trout & Bass Flies 1898
Old Flies in New Dresses 1898
Dry Fly Entomology 1897
How to Tie Salmon Flies 1892
How to Make Artificial Flies 1888
Ogden on Fly Tying, Etc 1887
How to Dress Floating Flies 1886
North-Country Flies 1886
Yorkshire Trout Flies 1885
Trout Flies & Fly Fishing 1873
Dressing Artificial Flies 1865
British Angling Flies 1862
Trout Flies of Devon & Cornwall 1847

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Casting Tackle & Methods 1920
Fishing Tackle 1914
Fishing Kits & Equipment 1913
Tournament Casting & Equip. 1907
Fly-Rods & Fly-Tackle Mfg & Use 1901

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Fisherman's Summer in Canada 1911
Wilds of US & Canada 1856
Forester's Fishing US & Canada 1851

Fishing in American Waters 1875
The American Angler 1892
American Angler's Guide 1849
Fishing in North Carolina 1909
Carolina Land & Water Sports 1867
Along the Florida Reef 1892
Fishing E. Coast of Florida 1902
English Angler in Florida 1898
Trouting on the Brulé River 1879
Line & Rod in Colorado 1884
Fisheries of Alaska 1898
Pacific Coast Sportsman 1910
Fisheries of the Pacific Coast 1912

British Angler's Manual 1848
Angler's Guide to England 1853
South Country Trout Streams 1899
Trout in England & South Africa 1920
Angler in the Lake District 1857
Land of the Beautiful Trout 1907
North Country Angler England

Trouting Ways in Wales 1914
Trout & Salmon Fishing in Wales 1834

Salmon Fishing in the Tweed 1898
Scottish Angling Reminisences 1887
Angler's Companion to Scotland 1847
Fishing in Scotland 1854

Wild Sports in Ireland 1897
How & Where to Fish in Ireland 1887
The Angler in Ireland 1834

Trouting in Norway 1897
Angling Travels in Norway 1895
Fishing in Lower Brittany 1859
Fishing & Travel in Spain 1904

Trout in New Zealand 1892
Trout in the Antipodes 1880

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Book of Salt Water Fishing 1922
Tales of Fishes Zane Grey 1919
Sea-Fishing Methods 1898
Sea-Fishing 1895
The Sea-Fisherman 1884
Sea-Fishing as a Sport 1872

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Mostly About Trout 1921
Trout Lore 1917
All About Trout Fishing 1909
How to Fish (Trout) 1907
The Trout 1904
The Speckled Brook Trout 1902
Brook Trout & Angler 1900
The Wonderful Trout 1898
How to Catch Trout 1896
Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams 1883
Fly Fishing for Trout 1873

Trout Waters Management 1908
Practical Trout Culture 1872

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Secrets of the Salmon 1922
Salmon and Sea Trout 1898
The Salmon 1898
Salmon Casts 1858
Habits of the Salmon 1854
The Book of the Salmon 1850

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Food & Game Fishes 1903
Familiar Fish 1900
Fish Hatching & Fish Catching 1879
The Book of the Tarpon 1911
Salmon & Trout 1904
Angling for Trout & Salmon 1876
The Trout & Grayling 1866
Book of the Black Bass 1881
More About the Black Bass 1898
Bass, Pike, Perch & Others 1903
Pike & Perch 1900

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Fish of Northern US & Canada 1884
Game Fish of US & Canada 1862
American Fishes 1903
Big Game Fishes of the US 1903
American Game Fishes 1892
US Fish & How to Catch 1885
Fishes of Massachusetts 1833
British Sporting Fishes 1890
Fishes of Australia 1906
Salmon at the Antipodes 1879

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Some Fish & Some Fishing 1921
Tales of a Humble Angler 1921
The Book on Angling 1920
Lures & Game-Fish Food 1920
Goin' Fishin': Weather & Feed 1920
The Call of the Surf 1920
Streamcraft: An Angling Manual 1919
Lake & Stream Fishing 1917
The Book of Fish & Fishing 1917
I Go A-Fishing 1915
Science of Fishing 1912
The Fine Art of Fishing 1911
Favorite Fish & Fishing 1908
The Angler's Guide Bradford 1908
Bait Angling for Common Fish 1907
Fisherman's Weather 1906
Fishing for Pleasure... 1906
Chats on Angling 1906
Fishing Holidays 1904
Fishing 1904
The Angler's Secret 1904
Tips 1901
Angling for Game Fish 1901
The Modern Angler 1898
How to Angle, Where to Go 1898
Rod, Fly, Minnow, & Worm 1897
Angling 1896
By Hook & By Crook 1894
Early Writers on Fishing 1894
Angling Sketches 1891
Near & Far, Angler's Sketches 1890
Angling for Pike 1888
The Incompleat Angler 1887
Secrets of Angling v1 1885
The Angler & the Loop-Rod 1885
Fishing 1885
Fishing 1885
Superior Fishing 1884
Practical Angler 1884
The Scientific Angler 1883
Rambles With a Fishing-Rod 1883
Log-book of a Fisherman 1883
Fish Habits & Haunts 1883
Angling 1883
The Practical Fisherman 1881
Angler's Evenings 1880
Notes on Fish & Fishing 1877
A Book on Angling 1876
Angler's Guide & Reference 1873
The Practical Angler 1871
Modern Practical Angler 1870
Fishing Gossip 1866
The Secrets of Angling 1865
Fishing & Natural History 1860
The Angler's Instructor 1857
The Angler's Guide Martin 1854
The Angler & His Friends 1850
A Handbook of Angling 1848
Adventures of an Angler 1848
Hints on Angling 1846
The Angler's Souvenir 1845
True Enjoyment of Angling 1843
Maxims & Hints on Angling 1842
Art of Fly-Fishing, Trolling, Etc 1838
An Angler's Rambles 1836
The Experienced Angler 1827
The Angler's Guide 1825
The Modern Fisher 1821
The Troller's Guide 1820
Angler's Vade Mecum 1818
The Angler's Guide Salter 1815
Fishing 1809
Angling in All its Branches 1800
The Art of Angling 1794
Nature of Fishes & Fishing 1722
Fishing With Hooke & Line 1590
Fysshynge with an Angle 1496

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TIME Magazine, January 20, 1947, p. 90:

CARRIAGE TRADE: What, No Dreamboats?
    The 25,000 people who attended the opening of the first postwar National Motor Boat Show in Manhattan last week hoped to be dazzled by sleek new dreamboats. But what they saw amid the pillars of the Grand Central Palace looked very much like the models they had seen there in 1940, at the last show. Those who looked sharp, however, could find some improvements and a few new models.

    One of the few oldtime boatbuilders with a completely new postwar line was the Richardson Boat Co., Inc. of Tonawanda, N.Y. Instead of the traditional frame-and-plank construction, Richardson was showing 25-ft. cabin cruisers of molded mahogany plywood (price: $4,500 and up). Less conventional and less expensive (under $4,000) was the 26-ft. Steelcraft, an all-steel, welded hull cabin cruiser made by West Haven, Conn.'s Churchward & Co.

    The trend toward new materials and new construction was best shown in small boats. On hand were: unsinkable aluminum "Air Skiff" dinghies made by Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc. (price: $250 and up); Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.'s new aluminum dinghy, along with its older aluminum canoe; magnesium rowboats of the Dow Chemical Co.

    Gar Wood Jr., son of famed Speedboater Gar Wood, had plans for a one-piece, leakproof fiberglass boat. But he does not expect to get into production till spring.

    New Prices. Most breathtaking things in the show were the prices. A few hours before the show opened, many exhibitors were still waiting to see competitor's prices before announcing their own. The figures they finally set ran upwards of 50 to 60% above prewar. Example: the largest boat in the show, a 46-ft. Wheeler, had sold for $15,000 in 1940. The "improved model" was quoted at "around $30,000" last week.

    Even at these prices, boatbuilders claimed that they had more orders than they could fill, despite expanded production (Chris-Craft was operating five factories v. three before the war). But most manufacturers, still plagued by shortages of mahogany and other woods, had not yet made enough boats to test the size of the market. Said the sales manager of one big company: "Costs are still going up, and prices will probably go up some more. In a luxury market like this the whole market could be swamped in two minutes by a slight change in economic conditions.

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